BMI Machine with stadiometer and printer


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Model L-08 BMI Machine with automatic height and weight measurement. Automatic print out of results

Sonka Model SK-L08 Wireless Measuring Scale Station for weight and height

  1. Self examining and user friendly machine.
  2. Able to measure height and weight in a few seconds.
  3. Color LCD display for better visibility.
  4. Easy to operate.
  5. Height measurement range: 20-206 cm / 3.5ft to 6.5ft.
  6. Weight measurement range: 2-300 kg./4lbs-440 lbs.
  7. Accuracy of +/_0.1 kg./+/_ 0.4 lbs
  8. Weight : approximately 20 kg.
  9. Works mains and rechargeable battery.
  10. Integrated thermal printer for instant results
  11. Voice assistant to guide patient.


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