Cescorf Innovare Skinfold Caliper with Anthropometric Tape Measure and Case


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  • CESCORF INNOVARE SKINFOLD CALIPER is made of ABS plastic with galvanized steel springs and simplified reading system..
  • CONSTANT SPRING PRESSURE with cross spring for constant pressure provides accurate and consistent readings throughout the full range of measurement..
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Sensitivity: 1mm Reading, Range: 80 mm, Spring pressure: ± 10 g / mm2; Dimensions: 9.6 x 8.5 inches.
  • CESCORF ANTHROPOMETRIC TAPE MEASURE is made specifically for anthropometric measurement, with its narrow, flat, and flexible steel blade that’s 6mm wide x 2m long, 8 cm blank space before zero. Metric units. Shell material is hard ABS plastic..
  • TRANSPORT CASE The included case will protect your caliper during storage and transportation and features a compartment for the tape measure..

The Cescorf Innovare skinfold caliper is a high quality ABS
plastic body fat caliper. It has galvanized steel springs that
guarantees accuracy in measurements. It includes a protective
transport case and anthropometric tape measure.


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